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Spicy Orange Chutney
Filema Chutneys all 4
Spicy Orange Chutney

Spicy Orange Chutney-No Sugar, Filema Lelas225gr

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This spicy orange chutney has no sugar at all -instead, grape juice is used for the equivalent sweetness-. It is ideal mixed in your salad vinaigrette, to accompany cheeses or to spread in your cold cuts sandwich. Contains onion, cabbage, celeriac, vinegar. Keep refrigerated after opening, according to label instructions.

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To Filema tis Lelas company produces with passion and love and offers quality traditional sweets, jams, & sauces. All products are produced from 100% fresh fruit and vegetables, from producers of the wider region of Kiato, Peloponese, Greece. The manual preparation and packaging process refers to old tested recipes, in-kept secrets of their mothers and grandmothers. Experience, passion, love and respect to the traditional way, do not allow the use of preservatives or colorings. Be our guest to a delicious journey that left no one unpleased!