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Marianna Vine Tops pickled
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Marianna Vine Tops pickled

Vine Tops, Kazakis, 230ml

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According to Great Taste Award judges: organic Sultana vinetops from the Kazakis family organic vineyards, preserved in home-made organic vinegar aged for five years in oak barrels. Awarded with two stars to this product, noting: «Crunchy, flavoursome, with an unmistakable fragrance of sultana coming through. The vinegar is very good, not too acidic, and it balances very well with the sultana tops. A very well conceived and executed product.». Excellent meze for a good quality Ouzo, or to garnish a salad for extra crunchy and special flavour!

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Marianna’s vineleaves is the main, and the first to be marketed, product of a family of viticulture products that Mariana Kazaki and her family have been producing with love and care for more than 15 years at Nea Gonia in Halkidiki, Northern Greece. Through a long and not always easy course, the family has come to a point, today, where they joyfully offer to all other families their traditional, organic and – most importantly – pure products. Something that started from Mariana’s love for traditional tastes, is nowadays their main business, continued with the same love and care that she used when it was only a means to satisfy the needs of her family and friends. Supreme quality organic products we hope you will enjoy!


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