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Striftaria Greek Casarecce Pasta cuttlefish ink, 500g, Agrozimi

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Taste of land and sea.Meal special milling from the heart of wheat and a shape that continues a tradition of centuries throughout the Mediterranean. pasta that we meet in many days and every region gave them a different name. In Crete they are called “sioufihta” in Chios “handiessia”, in Cyprus “lympholas” and in Italy “casarecce”. Thin sheets of dough were “twisted”, hence the name “spinners”, by hand or with the help of a thin, long wood and dried slowly under the summer sun.Today, in Agrozimi, we revive the tradition of spindle, adding a Mediterranean seafood note. Knead fine wheat with excellent pasteurized cuttlefish ink and create a product where the earthy taste of wheat marries with the seafood flavor of cuttlefish ink. Make gourmet pasta salads, playful children’s dishes, or add few spins next to fine seafood.

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In the heart of the Macedonian land, in the neighborhood of the impressive Pella, capital of Hellenistic Macedonia, Agrozimi Pasta lab have been producing, for 40 years now, high quality products, reviving forgotten flavors, experimenting with new materials, and enjoying the Greek market’s trust. For all of us who want to convert even the simplest meal to a taste feast! In 1969, Ghiorgos Martavaltzoglou, an Asia Minor refugee, sets up a bakery in his home village, Aravissos, Giannitsa, next to the archaeological site of Pella, where he makes bread and traditional pies. With a view to ensuring the quality of the raw materials used in the bakery, a few years later, in 1974, the second generation puts up a flour mill which grinds top-quality flour. In 1980, the modest mill grows into a traditional food cottage industry exclusively producing foodstuff from processed grains (hulled wheat, bulgur and wheat trahana), using traditional production and conservation methods. In the years to come, consumers’ trust and a rapidly increasing demand spurred the company into expanding to include the production of pasta – hilopites (Greek egg noodles), flour trahana, couscous etc. The third generation is gradually taking over at the helm of the family business transferring production to the premises of a brand new factory equipped with state-of-the-art technology according to the ISO 22000 standards.


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