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Arom Strawberry Marmalade
Arom Strawberry Marmalade

Strawberry With Mulled Wine Marmalade, Arom, 240g

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Arom does wonders with their exquisite, unique marmalade recipes. Strawberries dipped in mulled wine with orange and lemon zest, cinnamon and cloves, delicately cooked. You understand, it’s easy to fall in love with, marvelous to taste. Accompany your Panacotta, your morning toast, of course, and for that “extra deli mile”, why not your grilled meat dishes…?!

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Arom Marmalades, by Christophe Huet. Located in Syros, the heart of the Cyclades island complex, Christophe makes homemade exquisite gourmet marmalades and jams, emphasizing on the fruits rather than sugaring them up.His dual origin inspired him to blend fresh fruits of the Greek land and the French tradition and expertise. The chef-patissier, magic-marmalade-maker we adore! A French who came to live on a beautiful Greek island, Syros. A man with true inspirational recipes for elegant marmalades that you will luuuv! Fresh local fruit, gentle cooking and passion for what he does.


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