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Alelma Lefkos Tonos Alonnisou Spicy
Alelma Lefkos Tonos Alonnisou Spicy

Spicy White Alonissos Tuna, in sunflower oil 314g

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From the sea to the jar, Alelma white tuna is regarded as one of the finest products. It is known worldwide for its exquisite taste and is used by many chefs in a variety of recipes. It can give any salad a taste lift while remaining a unique snack eaten on its own. You can find the tender fillet of Alelma Alonissos alalunga tuna in 212g and 314g jars. Enjoy it in its natural flavour in water or, if you prefer, in extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil. This one is a special taste, spicy! Elevate that tuna salad or your next tuna rye bread!

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The Alelma seafood flavours workshop was founded in 2007 in Alonissos by Yiorgos Anagnostou, who brought in his long experience in fish trading, and Amalia Kalogianni, who contributed her knowledge of Alonissos tradition in tuna processing. The tuna processing workshop area is fully equipped using the latest technology in seafood processing hygiene. In the workshop, traditional recipes are followed preparing the tuna in water or oil under the strictest modern standards and certifications without the use of preservatives or flavour enhancers.


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