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fava-schoinousa-beans and seeds
Schinousa Fava 1kg
fava-schoinousa-beans and seeds
Schinousa Fava 1kg

Schinousa Fava Beans, 1kg

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The “Katsouni” (from which the Fava Schinousa produced), is the rare leguminous (pisum sativum), which gives the sweet, smooth, and delicious fava from Schinoussa. Excellent source of carbohydrates (63%) and protein (20%) which enhances this lovely food, since it is a rich source of plant protein. Also rich in soluble fiber. To prepare, boil (after washing well) at 3 water / 1 fava parts. Initially over high heat, to skim, and then to low, stirring frequently, and putting an onion cut in four pieces and salt (ideally with authentic sea salt -We have so many to choose from! -). When the onion is melt, withdraw, add olive oil and serve (with capers or sea fennel & lemon juice, or with caramelized onions!).

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Cultivation of Schinousa’s Katsouni fava bean is difficult, as the plant is susceptible, and the whole process must be done manually. Gathered in the morning with dew, before dawn, because if it catches sun, it breaks and falls apart. Also it needs natural wind to make the traditional winnowing (the straw separation wrist) , otherwise it can be destroyed. Because of these difficulties, the cultivation was almost abandoned in recent decades. Only in the last decade some young farmers started to revive the cultivation and offer the experience of a scrumptious, nutritious food to the public.


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