Rusk Plate, 4 Pieces Small, Erofile
Rusk Plate, 2 Pieces Big, Erofile
Rusk Plate, 4 Pieces Small, Erofile
Rusk Plate, 2 Pieces Big, Erofile

Rusk Plate, 2 pieces, Erofile, 260gr

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EROFILI’s ultimate goal is to preserve and promote both Cretan and Mediterranean diets, by harmoniously combining the two essential principles of tradition with quality. Rusk Plate (Paximadokoupa) is a unique and special kind of wholegrain barley roll, which combines barley, olive oil and olives in such a harmonious way that gives it an exceptional taste, while its practical shape allows its wide use as a serving dish. It absorbs the juices and aromas of its contents, which, combined with its own unique taste, give us a superb flavor result. You can heat it up in the oven or in the microwave at a low temperature and then serve it. You can use it for serving legumes, salads, sauces, vegetable stew, or even as an appetizer with olive oil and herbs, as it can be found in two sizes.


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The Gold of Cretan land and the love of its natives, combined indissolubly thousands of years ago in order to be certed and offered as an invaluable gift to King Minos, a unique vessel, hiding inside the wisdom and knowledge of Festos and the creativity and imagination of the cave of Kamares. Golden barley and valuable olive united again, equally in harmony, enabling us to offer it as a creation of high nutritional value, an integral part of our tradition.


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