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A wonderful aromatic candle, an olive wood salad bowl, a tea blend of pure mystagogue, a handcrafted ceramic bottle, together under the same roof. Explore and enjoy!


Paper Tea Filters, Tearoute, 100pcs

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Disposable paper tea filters, the most convenient of all. Easy to use, allows you to make your own tea bag with your favorite varieties. Made of fully biodegradable paper that won't affect the aromas of your tea, leaving its true flavor. Just choose one or some of our many teas and herbal teas, prepare that hot water and enjoy your hot cup!

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Tea Route is a Greek company, created with the idea of presenting a wide range of teas together with the wealth of Mediterranean herbs and spices. Tea Route offers all the distinctive flavours of the Mediterranean in combination with the teas of the Orient. Mediterranean herbs, fruits, flowers and fragrant spices, find natural partners in blends of exquisitely scented teas. Soothing Chamomile & mountain tea, aromatic lavender, sage, rosemary, as well as cinnamon, the famous Chios mastic, clove, figs, apricots, oranges, and richly scented blossoms, including rose and jasmine are paired with black, green and white teas from the gardens of the Far East. A thousand faces corresponding to the thousand reasons why a person in Athens, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, St Petersburg, Calcutta, or Beijing prefers his own tea, prepared in his own way. Those reasons are why they adapted excellent tea varieties to the palate of a Mediterranean connoisseur.


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