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So you've decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Yes! Although this decision can seem startling, practicing some healthy habits doesn't have to be very hard. You need to eat well, for proper nutrition, and do some cardiovascular and strength training. We can provide a little help for the first part. Here are some great choices for your nutrition, whether it's your snacking, your lunch, or your (innocent) dessert.


Organic Rosemary, 30g, Organic Islands

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Highly aromatic is used in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, complementing a wide variety of foods. When burnt, gives off a mustard-like smell which can be used to flavor foods while barbecuing. As a medicinal plant, is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B6 and also contains antioxidant and various acids useful in preventing or treating cancers, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. It has a very old reputation for improving memory and is the main ingredient in various formulas against aging and hair loss.

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Organic Islands is a family firm which cultivates organic aromatic plants and herbs. Based on the Cycladic island of Naxos, Greece, an island far from any source of contamination, with ideal climate and soil conditions for growing organic herbs. The firm was founded in October 2010. Their farms are located in two areas of the island,Sangri, a small village at the centre of the island 15km from the town of Naxos and Eggares village, 7Km from the town of Naxos, Chora. They started out planting Melissa Officinalis and by now they are growing more than ten, with delicious, relaxing or invigorating combinations.


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