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Xrysomelo Elliniko Meli Orange Large
Xrysomelo Elliniko Meli Orange Large

Orange Honey 940g, Chrisomelo

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Bees collect nectar from the orange blossoms resulting a very aromatic, light and lightly colored honey. Orange Honey is very nutritious and rich in vitamins. Often called as the honey of beauty, due to its excellent cosmetic properties. It is rich in vitamin C and has a.. soothing effect. It is suitable for desserts requiring honey, thus much used in confectionery. This particular variety of honey is produced during spring time in the orange groves of Mycenae, Argolis.

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Xrysomelo is a Greek company established in 2014. The productive base of company is in one of the most fertile and agricultural gifted place of Greek lands, Kalamata Messinia. It produces and standardizes various varieties of honey and gourmet products such as: oak, thyme (thimari), pine, heather (erica), floral honey and orange tree honey.


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