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Rovies Natura Black Pittedl Kalamon Karekla
Rovies Natura Black Pittedl Kalamon Karekla

Natural Black Olives Of The Kalamon Variety, Rovies Olives, 240g

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Product of Organic farming, following the Greek method of fermentation (olives stay in plain brine for several months-no caustic soda used, as in other methods). These pitted Black Kalamon type olives, are one the healthiest snacks or meze you can have. Serve them with your cheese/ham plates, add them to your tomato sauces for extra flavour, put them in your salad and enjoy this healthy, nutritious, delicious fruit of Greek nature.

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Rovies is situated in Evia island. Rovies Olive Coop has a purpose: to supply us with veritably natural and Organic only olives which are produced from their olive trees in Rovies, and are processed with the traditional Natural Greek style, just with the use of brine (without the use of caustic soda-NaOH). As as a result, their olives retain all the beneficial substances and nutrients for the human health, whereas they are otherwise lost (as it happens with olives treated with the so-called “Spanish style/method” (using caustic soda).


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