Cretan Carob Breadsticks 200g

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This flavor is not easily described.. A fluffy and crispy breadstick, with a rich taste of carob and sesame, salty, yet slightly sweet too, ideal accompaniment to our cheese boards and also as a snack! It is difficult to eat only a few .. Traditional recipe from Sfakia-Crete, without preservatives or chemical additives.

Contains: Soft Flour, Carob flour, Wine, Cognac, Sugar, Sesame, Baking Powder, Salt.

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Granny Anna, coming from the Samaria Gorge at Chania, came to marry at Sfakia. She brought with her all the secrets of cooking that she later on passed to her daughters and her daughter in law. In turn, these secrets passed to their children.
Memories from childhood are accompanied by smells, flavors and fragrances that remain unchanged and cherished in our minds. These are just the supplies on a trip that we want to take you, presenting a piece of tradition of Sfakia in Crete. Granny Anna used to say: “If you want to do something good, do it with your hands, my child …” So, following her advice, with purely selected raw materials and consistency, at Douroudous Cretan bakery, they make handmade, traditional products with no preservatives or chemicals, for all of us! Nowadays, genuine flavors tend to be lost, our vision in filofron is to discover and spread them, so that we can all enjoy them.


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