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Kopos Greek Olive Oilll 3
Kopos Tin 500 Greek Olive Oilll
Kopos Greek Olive Oilll 3
Kopos Tin 500 Greek Olive Oilll

KOPOS Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, tin can 500ml

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“Kopos’’ EVOO is the natural juice of the olive tree perfectly balanced with a sense of smoothness and gold-green color. Rich in vitamins and minerals leaves the characteristic fruity aftertaste and discreet herb aromas, only the quality of the Greek olive oils have. Highlights the relish of the Mediterranean diet and adds value to your everyday dietary needs accompanying perfectly all kind of baked dishes, starters and salads. From the island of Lesvos, a blend of two varieties of extra virgin oil (80% Kolovi & 20% Adramytiani). A mild olive oil, not to be confused with the more intense Cretan or Kalamata olive oils, that tend to be “spicier” and quite strong.

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Andriotis” company is a family business, specializing in the trade and processing of olive oil, for over 50 years. The characteristic quality of our products is created by a solid know-how and authentic, personal care. From the island of Lesvos, where the olive groves cover 450,000 acres, which represent the 29% of the total area of the island and 79% of the arable surface area. More than 11 million olive trees producing the precious fruit of the olive tree. Kopos extra virgin olive oil is a unique, high quality product harvest from carefully selected traditional varieties of the best olive groves around Greece. Its name, the Greek word for “toil’’, reflects the hard work that lies behind the production and processing of this quality olive oil that we are absolutely sure will add the Mediterranean taste and culture to your everyday dietary needs.


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