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Xrysomelo Elliniko Meli Erikis Large
Xrysomelo Elliniko Meli Erikis Large

Heather Honey 940g, Chrisomelo

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Heather honey is among the elite of Greek honeys. An excellent honey, of high nutritional value, rich in iron, enhances stamina. A spoon of heather honey daily, is enough to make you feel revived.
The color of Heather honey is reddish, cognac- like. Its’ unique aroma and flavor makes it distinguish from other honeys and covers the needs of the most demanding connoisseurs. The origin of this Chrisomelo variety is Chalkidiki.

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Xrysomelo is a Greek company established in 2014. The productive base of company is in one of the most fertile and agricultural gifted place of Greek lands, Kalamata Messinia. It produces and standardizes various varieties of honey and gourmet products such as: oak, thyme (thimari), pine, heather (erica), floral honey and orange tree honey.


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