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Dardouma Handmade Wholegrain Frumenty Trahanas
Dardouma Handmade Wholegrain Frumenty Trahanas

Handmade Wholegrain Dinkel Frumenty-Trahanas, Dardouma 500gr

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The whole grain frumenty is tart frumenty and only differs in that it is made with whole wheat Dinkel flour. Dinkel flour is of high nutritional value, it is an excellent source of fiber and has large percentages of iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2 and beneficial fatty acids. The frumenty made from whole-wheat Dinkel flour has a unique aroma and distinctive full and compact structure. In recent years, it is gaining more and more friends in the Western world as it is considered one of the healthiest choices you can make for your diet. It is also made from sheep’s milk, rubbed through the sieve, the good old way.

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Trahana is a traditional Greek dish and is an evolution of the Greek roman porridge. The trahana produced by Dardouma pasta laboratory is handmade with no additives or preservatives. Trahana is also considered a low fat food. This one is one of the classics, produced with sour sheep’s milk, completely handmade, of high nutritional value, since it contains dietary fibre, carbohydrates magnesium and folic acid. Makes for a hearty soup; perfect for a cold winter day. A roman author Apicius, who had written many cook books and recipes, mentions a type of food known as “tractae”, which was a very thick porridge in granular form, used to thicken any kind of sauces. It was solely produced on sour milk and coarse grain. Dardouma family are traditional pasta producers. Their great-grandmother Maria was the person that created this family tradition. Born in 1914 and coming from a poor farming family, great-grandmother Mary loved cooking. She made the sweet and sour trahana with milk and wheat of her own production. Her daughter Joanna, with her granddaughter, Mary, also thrived in the kitchen. The love bond that the grandmother, daughter and granddaughter shared for pasta would be the incentive for the establishment of this pasta workshop in 2008. The two sons of Mary Dardouma, John and Evangelos have now taken over, in order to save and share these traditional flavors. The Dardouma family has a history of 100 years and many recipes to share with you!


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