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Argoudelis Halva Almond 250
Argoudelis Halva Almond 250

Handmade Greek Almond Halva, 250g, Argoudelis

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Halva is hand-made, kneaded by hand, exactly like craftsmen have been producing it for 80 years. Based on their own tahini, it could not be anything less than the purest halva. Tahini and melted sugar in the form of a kind of ‘caramel’ are mixed by hand in the big semicircular “basins”, which is exactly how superior quality halva acquires its characteristic texture, allowing it to be cut by knife without crushing it, and at the same time, giving it a rich taste. A great snack, a nice dessert (served with honey and cinnamon, if you like), a nutritive food! Wonderful taste, enhanced with top quality almonds, for extra flavor and extra nutrients 😉

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ARGOUDELIS Ltd is one of the few traditional Greek companies that produce hand-made halva from their own tahini (vertical production), ensuring this way its quality and exclusive taste. A family story dating more than 4 generations back… Their ancestors, transferring the passion from Smyrna, built-up their know-how navigating the islands of the Aegean sea: Mytilini, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, to end-up and establish their first plant in Piraeus in 1919. Today, with love and respect to their products, they produce tahini, halva and traditional sweets the exact same way as back then. Their goal is to maintain the equity of one of the oldest brand names in Piraeus, while they continue to invest without compromise on the quality of their products, meeting the modern consumer’s gastronomy needs and following certified processes & practices for food safety.


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