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Traditional Greek Coffee
Traditional Greek Coffee

Greek Traditional Dark Coffee, Nektar, 200g

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Fresh-roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world's finest varieties. This is the dark roasted, more intense, fuller taste. Sealed in protective atmosphere, right out of the roaster, guarantees the perfect preservation of the taste and the unique aroma of this blend. Preparing tips: For each cup desired, measure one demitasse cup of cold water into a briki (Greek coffee small boiling pot). Pour one teaspoonful of Greek coffee and sugar to taste. Stir well. Slowly bring to a boil over medium heat. The coffee is ready when the froth has risen right up to the brim. Pour the coffee slowly into the cups, dividing the foam equally between each cup.

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Everyday, a nostalgic aroma… Discover with your senses, the original taste and give in to the satisfaction the world’s finest varieties of coffee bean can offer. Nektar Coffee continue the family tradition by following the old and successful recipe. Since 1951, they fill our cup with pure and freshly grounded coffee. 1950: After years of traveling around the world and having gained extensive experience in coffee production, by early 1950, G.Neofotistos begins selecting superior Arabica and Robusta coffee beans cultivated in America, Asia and Africa. Now, Nektar has presence all around Greece, is growing in export activities, focuses on Greek coffee but develops at the same time new products. Enjoy a cup of great Greek Coffee!


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