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Greek Smoked Paprika, Biodinami
Greek Smoked Paprika, Biodinami

Greek Smoked Paprika, Biodinami,50g

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The Greek smoked paprika, gives a unique flavor to the legumes, meats, fish, oil, pasta, rice, Greek-Traditional-Tasty Sauces! Smoked for 12 days, In beechwood (natural smoking rather than addition of chemical substitute tobacco as in corresponding commodities) Cultivation and processing of red caraway pepper had stopped in the early 1980s. Today, with the same traditional methods, with love and love, we offer a product that will satisfy you fully, at a price that respects the consumer. Try the quality of Greek paprika smoker and taste all your meals.

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With the unique Greek salts from the Messolonghi salterns, without any chemical additives, with the combination of salt from Messolonghi and Cretan organic herbs, BIOdinami raises the standards in the quality of salt consumed by the Greeks, and at the same time it maintains prices in affordable levels. The salt series “salt odyssey” has been awarded in various worldwide food evaluations and contests!


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