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Forest Honey Lavender Blossom
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Forest Honey Lavender Blossom
Vasilissa Honey Purple

Greek Honey With Lavender Blossom, Stayia, 250g

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Wildforest Honey with Lavender blossom. Pure wild forest, heather and wild herbs honey with lavender blossom. For the lovers of levander. Gives this superior honey a subtle, fragrant touch of Lavender! Simply marvelous. Use it in your tea for an aromatic result. 100% natural product without preservatives.

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Stayia Farm is a small family farm producing organic products. It is located on Evia, Greece’s biggest and fertile island. Although established as a company as recently as 2012, Stayia Farm carries the expertise and tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation since the early 1950’s. The younger generation is now represented by two young people who are as driven as they are decisive: accountant Yannis Karypidis and nursery school teacher Stavroula Theodorou who went ahead and invested in innovation and an outreach profile. Today, their products are on the shelves of many prestigious delicatessen shops. The goal of the Stayia Farm team is to produce select, wholesome organic products that have been exposed to no herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. The Stayia Farm team is made up by savvy beekeepers who work hand-in-hand with nature and bees. The premium raw honeys they gather have highly distinctive flavor profiles which are bound to please even the most demanding foodie. Every single one of their products is certified by BioHellas, a prestigious inspection and certification body for organic products.


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