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Florina Roasted Pepper Spicy Spread
Florina Roasted Pepper Spicy Spread
Florina Roasted Pepper Spicy Spread
Florina Roasted Pepper Spicy Spread

Florina Roasted Pepper Spicy Spread, Menou 260g

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If you like it Hot, this is a high density Hot spread, based on baked Florina peppers. It can be used alone as a spread, or to offer a strengthened concentrated flavor, in our dishes, especially our tomato sauces! Spread on toasted bread with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top for a quick but delicious appetizer! It is 100% natural product at all stages of production, without preservatives. Prepared during September-October, when the peppers ripen to obtain the appropriate color, natural sugars and unique taste and aroma on the lands of Western Macedonia, Northern Greece. Best peppers are selected and then baked in flame, peeled, cleaned of their spores and after being grinded, they are mixed with other vegetables, using traditional recipes. Basic raw material in all the recipes are the unique Florina peppers and extra virgin olive oil, a common point of their high nutritional value, highlighting their Mediterranean taste and aroma!

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TERRA GRECA company was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Florina, Northern Greece. Specialized in food canning and specifically in the production and processing of agricultural products, emphasizing the authenticity of the Pepper of Florina, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the final product. Based on traditional recipes, with a commitment to quality and without preservatives, they bring us amazing pepper spreads, pure, delicious and versatile!


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