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Craterellus int. Mushroom in Oil
Craterellus int. Mushroom in Oil

Craterellus Intescens Mushroom In Oil, Natural History Museum Of Meteora, 260g

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Golden yellow Craterellus intescens mushrooms with mild flavor and fruity aroma. Feel the taste, detect the aroma, enjoy it! This product is ready for consumption as a deli appetizer. The product’s oil can be added to salads for a tasteful ecstasy!


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The Museum is located in Kalambaka, close to the city of Trikala in Thessaly region. One of the most important monastic complexes in the country, Meteora, is situated in the area. The role of the museum of Natural History is multiple. It is based on specific objectives, which compose its philosophy and constitute the reasons of its existence: The shaping of environmental awareness through the validity and diffusion of knowledge, guaranteeing the cooperation with renowned scientific institutions, universities and museum educators. The utilization of scientific collections and the contribution to studies on natural environment, particularly to the region of Mount Pindus. All mushroom products from the Museum are originated from the close region, produced under all the demanding procedures of making such products and with the guarantee of pure products, from the Greek land.


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