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Tombazis Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tombazis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tombazis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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In their relatively small estate of 45 acres, the same that once the Tombazis family almost 200 years ago, cultivated their olive trees, with such a success, the family continues today that effort, with a view to ecological farming and respect to the land and the trees.
Their environmentally friendly growing methods include the exclusive use of organic fertilizers. The harvest is collected by hand and placed in breathable baskets. It is then pressed no later than one day from the day it was harvested always by means of cold extraction and stored in suitable stainless steel tanks to ensure its freshness and avoid oxidation.   It has a mild bitter aftertaste and a medium sweet body that leaves a pleasant sensation in the mouth. Bearing in mind the Tombazis family history and the product's heavy heritage they continue the tradition of producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil honoring the owners vision of excellence in produce. This is why the fruitiness of the aromas of the Koroneiki variety makes the Tombazis Extra Virgin Olive Oil best appreciated when served raw accompanying a fresh green salad, a nice pasta dish, steamed vegetables or fresh fish.


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The “Tombazis Olive Grove” is a unique and truly historic piece of land that bears a heavy heritage. Established in 1828 by the Greek Naval Admiral Tombazis, a historic figure of the Greek war of Independence in 1821, the estate has since hosted many significant political and historic figures at times. The founder of the Greek state Count Kapodistrias, and the Prime Minister Eletherios Venizelos were friends and regular visitors at the Tombazis estate among many others in the years that followed. Originally the Tombazis estate started with the cultivation of citrus trees, pioneering in the production of citrus essential oils and met great success with exports to Paris, Trieste and Odessa. The olive grove though was growing in parallel and it wasn’t long enough until it gained renowned reputation and worldwide recognition. In 1900 the “Tombazis Olive Grove” Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the Gold medal at the 1900 “Exposition Universelle” in Paris and also became the exclusive supplier of the Greek Royal family for many years to come !

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