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Chatzigeorgiou Lagopati white wine
Chatzigeorgiou Lagopati white wine

PDO Lagopati White Dry Wine Muscat Of Alexandria 2015, 750 ml Chatzigeorgiou

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Moschato (Muscat) of Alexandria Lemnos 100% PDO. Pale greenish colour, complex floral aroma, strong acidity, pleasant aftertaste with aromatic maturity. Dry white wine (CRU) selected from – vineyard of «Lagopati» – the path of hares – in the mountainous community of Saint Dimitrios, the heart of viticultural area of Lemnos. Careful vintage of grapes by hand. The grapes stay for 30 hours at very low temperatures (3°-5°C) for the extraction of the aromatic richness from the peel of the grapes before the fermentation. Free run must, static sludge removal and alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature of 14°C.

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The island of Lemnos was known in antiquity for the excellent quality of it’s wines, like it is quoted from Aristotle. Thousands of years later, the progress made by four generations of Chatzigeorgiou’s family, embodies the tradition of quality and the art of a rare timeless creation. The enterprise is based in Karpasi, Lemnos. Under their supervision of cultivation in their wine factory, they make wine, aging and bottling strictly for high quality wine only. A blessed land, like archeological searches prove, has inspired the art of viniculture from Neolithic years. Therefore it is not accidental that “Limnia Gi” (the Land of Lemnos) in antiquity, was, as it is said, one of the most significant centers of Dionysus (Bacchus) worship. Let’s worship these great wines now..


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