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Ouzo Dimino
Ouzo Dimino

Ouzo Mitilini Dimino, 40vol, EBA, 700ml

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The heart of the ouzo distillate of “Dimino” matures for two months contributing to its unique flavour for the ultimate enjoyment. Every drop that reaches the palate captures the right amounts of seed and herbs aromas mainly grown on Lesvos Island. The dominating aromas of Lisvori aniseed, the freshness of citrus, the spiciness of ginger, salt from the salt pans in Kalloni ally for slowing down the distillation boiling, drenched with passion, love and other small secret touches, complete the canvas of ouzo “Dimino”. Ya'mas! (cheers!)

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The GREEK DISTILLATION COMPANY SA or “EVA” is the operative basis of traditional spirits and liqeurs of Lesvos, identical with the very culture of the island. The grandfather of the founders originated from Pergamon in Asia Minor, and left to the next generations a great heritage, distillation secrets, passion and traditional ouzo recipes. The establishment of “EVA” followed the 26 year entrepreneurial activity in the food and drinks sector. Lesvos island, though recently widely known through global News as the reaching point of thousands of refugees, offers a plethora of sites and attractions, with unparalleled natural beauty. Rare geological monuments, stunning variations in scenery, priceless archaeological treasures, splendid architectural beauty, ecologically important wetlands, enticing hiking trails, informative museums and famous local cuisine, capital of Ouzo and prestigious olive oil, home to over 6,000,000 olive trees. One cannot talk about this island without mentioning it’s famous salted sardines, cured with coarse sea salt from Lesvos’s very own saltpans. The island is known for its rich fauna and flora, including dozens of aromatic herbs. The aniseed, which gives ouzo its distinct delicate flavour is cultivated on the island, in Lisvori and makes ouzo from Lesvos unique and sought after.


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