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Moi Je M'en Fous 3 Bottles
Moi je m'en fous wine red
Moi Je M'en Fous 3 Bottles
Moi je m'en fous wine red

Moi Je Me’n Fous, Red Wine,2015 750ml, Domaine Messenicola

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The variety “Limnionas” grows at the feet of Agrafa in vineyards with low yield per hectare, “moistened” from the microclimate formed in the region by the Lake N. Plastiras and delivers a fresh wine with a unique, slightly sweet, but strong flavor.

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Four generations dedicated to wine, laid the foundations for the future, a future that finds WINERY MONSIEUR NICOLAS George Karamitrou, 4th generation winemaker, being the springboard for innovation and international recognition of the wines, local varieties and Messenikola . Chestnuts and oak trees giving color to the landscape, the “Sleeping Agrafa” – the legendary female figure, if you hang up little eyes, formed in Agrafa Mountains – casts the shadow of the valley, in the little villages that are perched in these arms of stone. People brought up in heaven and earth, with mornings damp from the rain, with afternoons warmed in the sun. In this stone lap lies Mesenikolas. A small village with a long history. Or a charming tale …. A tale that begins with Monsieur Nicolas (Monsieur Nicolas), a Frankish of noble origin found in the area in 1455, after the dissolution of the Order and enchanted by the landscape, started here his new life. The man brought with him his knowledge and love of wine. And it is this love that led him to systematically develop viniculture in the region and highlight the variety “Black Messenikola”. A unique variety, that, though it existed since ancient years, was named after him, as a minimum recognition of his contribution by ordinary people.


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