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So you've decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Yes! Although this decision can seem startling, practicing some healthy habits doesn't have to be very hard. You need to eat well, for proper nutrition, and do some cardiovascular and strength training. We can provide a little help for the first part. Here are some great choices for your nutrition, whether it's your snacking, your lunch, or your (innocent) dessert.

Tzekos Rosemary
Tzekos Rosemary

Organic Rosemary From Chalkidiki, Tzekos, 30g

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One of our favorite herbs, we luuuv Rosemary! Since its primordial Mediterranean origins, the woodsy-citrus-like fragrance of rosemary has graced gardens, kitchens, and apothecaries throughout the world. Can be widely used in global cuisine! Make a Lemon Rosemary salmon, a rosemary roasted chicken, put it in marinades for pork or poultry. To make your own rosemary-infused oil, place a sprig or two of dry rosemary leaves into a glass jar, top with olive oil, replace the lid, and shake lightly. Store in a warm, dark place for two weeks, strain, and then simply pour back into the glass jar. Blend with balsamic vinegar to drizzle all over a salad for a delicious dressing. Or, you may as well use ? cup for a fragrant bath! 😉

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Tzekos Organic Herbs is a Greek family-run business engaged in the cultivation and standardization of organic herbs. The idea of creating the farm grew out of their keen interest in nature and the multiple ways its products can improve our health. The plants are local, usually seen growing naturally in Greece and they are well known for their therapeutic and nutritional value since ancient times. Tzekos company started their venture with the search of plants with one simple but critical feature, being grown out of pure local seed varieties. With respect to the Greek land, they employ natural farming methods with one simple aim: share with us natural dried plants that are filled with rich aroma and flavor. Nature in a paperbag!


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