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Greek Honey and Hazelnut Spread,
Greek Honey and Hazelnut Spread,

Greek Honey and Hazelnut Spread, Gaidarakos, 220g

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One of our favourite honey products. A delicious honey spread with flower-pine honey and ground roasted hazelnuts. Very yammy, but also promoting a healthy, balanced diet. Gives extra taste if you add it to your cake mixtures and a special flavor to your desserts. Potential separation is natural (due to the presence of nuts). If presented, stir well to blend.

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Due to it’s strong presence as a domestic animal in Greece, the founders of this small artisanal food company decided to call themselves “Gaidarakos” (Little Donkey that is, in Greek). Their products are based in raw materials from the Mediterranean countryside and inextricably linked with the Med diet. Insisting on high quality and the application of environmentally friendly practices, they produce foods that are of high quality and nutritional value. Based in the historical region of Marathon, a food technologist and agriculture agronomist, along with her electronic engineer husband, started this (ad)venture (entrepreneurship in Greece always is an adventure!), to deliver unrivaled flavors in jars of 100% natural products, using honey that is exclusively produced in the Dodecanese region, the Southeastern island cluster of Greece. To feed our children with no hesitation, to enjoy ourselves for a better, healthier nutrition.


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