Why we’re #hygge


Why we’re #hygge

For the happiest nations on earth, based on continuous research by international organisations, joy is in the small moments of life.

Well, we fully agree! That is why we “adopt” with great joy the Danish hygge, which expresses, among  many other things, exactly that. (Besides, whoever knows us well, knows how much we love Denmark 🙂 ..).

Hygge,  so simple, yet not that clear, consists of many things:

Creating warmth, intimacy, fellowship and cosiness around everyday moments. It is the kind of everyday life, individual and collective, that derives from the Scandinavian exposure to cold and darkness and the need for people to feel cosy and safe, to come around a source of heat and light.

But it is their ability to convert this rather functional need into an almost spiritual experience that distinguishes Scandinavia: the magic of turning every situation into a moment of comfort, especially those we share with friends and family; around the glow of a candle flame, or the warmth and smell of a hot meal on the table.

Every nation has its own name to describe it and we will tell you that there is no direct, accurate, international translation. Hygge (pronounced something close to “hue-gah”) is in the Danish DNA, the Swedes call it  “mys”, the Norwegians kose, while the Finns – always different – find their warmth in ‘lampöӓ’. But every word reflects the same comfortable, Scandinavian feeling of enjoyment of the “little things” that we all know are the biggest ..!

In Greece, we “celebrate” our little pleasures. A walk with the children by the sea, a beer on the balcony with friends, a coffee-gone-ouzo-with-meze-gone-“throw-some steaks-on-the-grill-we’re hungry” (haha), the cookies we make together, sunbathing on the beach with a soft drink or ice cream at  hand, a mountain hike or biking in the countryside. A good book, that cd that plays over and over again, an aromatic candle that changes our mood in our weary evening. A summer gemista’ dish, a night with friends on a lovely terrace, two olives, a good cheese and a sip of ouzo! Definitely hygge!

At filofron.com we celebrate all the great moments that we enjoy on our own, but especially those we share with our loved ones, around a table, over a glass of wine, in smiles that are caused by the senses and the joy of sharing !

That’s why we Share it , to enjoy it! 🙂

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