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philóphrōn : an adjective, derived from  /phílos, “friend, lover” and /phronéō, “mind-set, regulating behavior” – properly, the mind-set of love which is quick to show friendly, courteous behavior, the thoughtful one, who takes care of their loved ones.

We wanted our name to be a Greek word.

Filofron is a word containing care, emitting hospitality,  honoring friendship and human relationships.

Inspiration struck (rather late!) after dear friends of ours’ had left our home on a  pretty cold night, after the good company we had, with nice wine and delicacies. That’s it! Caring for loved ones: what we think makes a special host.

Our Mission is to inspire appreciation and conscious presence in the moments of our lives, through the little things (that are always the greatest!).
We say: Be present. Be thankful. Enjoy the little things. And #ShareittoEnjoyit.
#GreekFoodTreasures is our vehicle and #Hygge is our fuel 🙂
We are a Greek-only-products e-shop.

Our manifesto is:

Share it to enjoy it!

Because we believe there is no better way to enjoy something beautiful than by sharing it.

Whether it’s a complete great dinner, a simple nibble treasure, or an amazingly scented candle. Or, a late night’s walk in the city center, a sunny promenade by the sea, or an excursion to a lovely village.

Besides, a problem shared is a problem halved, respectively, as we, Greeks say, a joy shared is a joy doubled!


When you grow up in a typical Greek family, you know exactly what sitting around the table and sharing food means to everybody (let alone growing up in a family of four children, like I did…!). It’s the time to see your loved ones, talk about all the funny or annoying things that happened to you during the day, have a small fight of course, with a sibling or a parent…! But above all, it’s the time of enjoying a nice comforting meal, and sharing time with your loved ones, creating memories of smells, tastes and feelings that will last a lifetime.

Growing up like this, makes you want to continue this “mode of comfort” with your friends, your colleagues, your..new loved ones (we always get to have new ones, right? ).

So, this gathering for sharing food (and what comes with it, of course), becomes an indispensable part of you; a continuing of this comforting memory and a creation of new ones. The sharing of the avid joy a wonderful taste creates to your taste buds. The chit-chat over a delightful appetizer you just grabbed out of your pantry, and over a couple of glasses of amazing aromatic wine, of course.


The laughs (or the cries, for that matter..) that come easier over the intimacy that sharing food creates. The overwhelming of our soul after a long talk over the difficulties of life, or (trivial) little things that enthuse or bug you, or over the great philosophical questions of our life (why not?).

And the joy you give to someone when you present them a great little foodie-treasure you just discovered –just for them, maybe!-

Oh, that’s what filofron is all about..!

That’s our spirit, that’s part of our legacy as people of this wonderful country, and that’s what we are dreaming of bringing to you, through the all-amazing old & new things that Greek producers of agriculture and great craftsmen are making. We love and support local producers, because, apart from great quality product making, these are people who work hard but lovingly, swimming against the stream.

And once you get your hands on these wonderful products, you’ll sure want to share them with your loved ones and…double the joy!

So, please, we urge you to,

Share it to Enjoy it!


angela p.